In my papermill and studio I have the possibility to produce specially made paper for small and medium size editions for printing as well as for water-colour paintings. The paper can be given a special colour shade or an effect that later can be used as a part of the picture. I also make unique designs for exclusive covers, packages or graphic programs.

There are great possibilities to create your own graphic profile or, if you are an artist to produce a paper which will become an integrated part of the artistic expression. As an example I have made special letter-sets out of destroyed bank-notes for the Swedish National Bank to be used as enterprise presents. In co-operation with the Museum of Landskrona for the jubilee of Tycho Brahe I used a flax-quality with thread-watermark which was then printed as intaglioprint. For the Swedish Royal Court I made a special paper in flax with thread-watermark and on that I put a photo-emulsion to transmit a colour photography of the Swedish palace Sofiero. I have also made several letter-sets with thread-watermark for private customers. And I have also produced different qualities for my own books to be printed in an original way with the old printing-methods of art.