Courses & Workshops

I have experiences in arranging courses and workshops for smaller groups. The courses deal with the complete process from preparing the rawmaterial to producing the ready-made paper-sheets. I also give courses lasting only one day dealing with how to make papers. During the years I have had a wholesale dealer of paper who has sent groups of customers for education, societys of art, gentlemen clubs and ladies’ clubs and several artists who in this way have had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge.

Please look at the photographer Johan Lindqvist of pictures from Eksjö Media visit and paper forming.

I give the participants the opportunity to create effectpaper, decorative paper and basic paper, using ordinary fibres like cotton and flax as well as Asian fibres with which one can obtain the very thin, gossamer and strong paper-sheets.

In 2005 I visited the family Kikuchi in Japan for a week of papermaking. During this week I made a film from my visit. The material has been edited into three different films about making paper, kyosei-shi and shifu which all are included in my courses of Japanese papermaking and handicraft. It is the brothers Kikuchi who very generosly have shared their knowledge in this way.