Paper art – Erling Gustafsson

StartsidaIt has been my dream that once in the lifetime be able to do something from the very beginning and to combine the artistic work with the skill of craftsmanship that is necessary.
This has been my ultimate challenge. The Project was to create a book, where I made every element all by myself. I wanted to manufacture the sheets of paper, prepare the copperplates, print the pictures, do the ledtype-setting and print the text. And finally I want to bind my own books.
So I travelled to the Swedish paper-mill Lessebo and there I got the opportunity to grind my own grist. From that moment on I was really captured in the great interest, or passion if one preferes, that is called handmade paper.

It has been more grindings afterwards, but then in my own Studio, for several books, sculptures and pictures.

The book named Script, a compressed version of the sculpture with the same name, shown at the Swedish Ambassad in Tokyo 1997, is for me a way of building bridges between spaces and cultures. In Japan I learned how to make the very thin and beautiful paper-sheets, that I now use in my artistic works.